Hirebotics Robotic Welding Automation

Hirebotics provides welding solutions for collaborative robots. Welding robots are efficient at repetitive and monotonous tasks, freeing up experienced welders for more critical, high-value tasks. They lower lead times, allowing companies to take on more jobs. 

Additional advantages to adding a robotic welder to your process include:

  • Increased Productivity
  • Constant Quality
  • Reduced Waste and Consumables
  • Solves Welder Shortage

Cobot Welder is the easiest to use cobot welding tool out there. Your productivity hinges on ease-of-use for your welders, not robot programmers.

App-based cobot teaching leverages a familiar interface. Welders care about torch angles and weld settings, not TCPs and coordinate systems.

Faster time-to-teach makes automated welding of smaller batches economical. And our relentless focus on driving down time-to-teach gets you to production, faster.

The Cobot Welder from Hirebotics is paired with their easy-to-use software, called Beacon. Beacon is a Cloud-based cobot tool that helps all production teams maximize uptime. 

Electromate provides the Hirebotics Cobot Welder with the Universal Robotics UR lines for an all-in-one solution.

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Hirebotics Cobot Welding Solution by Hirebotics

Hirebotics Cobot Welding Solution

A complete cobot welding solution for high-mix welding productions

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