Cycloidal Speed Reducers

Cycloidal (planocentric) Gearboxes employ eccentric motion to achieve speed reduction. It uses non-circular or eccentric motion to convert input rotation into a wobbly cycloidal motion. This motion is then converted back into a circular output rotation. During this process, speed reduction occurs.

Unlike strain wave gearing which employs a flexible cylinder that doesn’t move in its entirety but stretches to mesh with the internal circular spline gear to achieve a type of cycloidal motion, the cycloidal (planocentric) drives will actually move the entire internal gear in an eccentric motion.

Electromate provides a variety of zero backlash cycloidal gearboxes by Sumitomo Drive Technologies.

E Cyclo zero backlash precision gearboxE Cyclo zero backlash precision gearbox

E Cyclo Zero Backlash Precision Gearboxes

A high precision shaft gear with output flange that is completely sealed. The series features high rigidity due to its internal roller bearings. This is significantly higher when compared to the competition. The E CYCLO can achieve higher performance in a smaller design envelope.

High precision gearbox High precision gearbox

FINE CYCLO Zero Backlash High Precision Gearboxes

FINE CYCLO reducers excel in applications where you demand precise positioning, such as robotics and automation; and feature Zero backlash, minimal lost motion, and High-torsional stiffness.

One cyclo driveOne cyclo drive

Cyclo Drives for Servo Motors

Cyclo reducer with a flange, for servo motors. Featuring high strength and reliability, thanks to its unique Cyclo mechanism. Available in two different series: Standard-Backlash Series and Low-Backlash Series: 6 arc min (12 arc min for reduction ratio 6).

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