SCARA Robots

SCARA stands for Selective Compliant Assembly Robot Arm. They can also be referred to as table top robots. Electromate provides SCARA and Table Top Type Robots from IAI America.

SCARA robots are ideal for high speed, precision operations such as sealing, dispensing, parts insertion, assembly, and more. They come with a number of different features that make them very versatile like wall/ceiling mounts, water-resistance, high-speed options, and longer z-axis.  

SCARA Robots are Easy to Use:

  • No programming experienced required
  • Built-in palletizing
  • 3D path capability

Scara Robots are Easy to Integrate:

  • Vision (compatible with all major vision systems)
  • Profibus, DeviceNet, CC-Link, & Ethernet Network Communication

Our SCARA Product Lineup Includes:


Designed to be ultra-compact and easy-to-use, this four-axis robot arm will streamline your operations with a level of precision and compactness previously unheard of in the industry.

IX Series

The IX Series achieves the best-in-class from high-speed performance and load capacity to positioning repeatability.  The IX is also known for its user-friendliness, lineup, and cost performance. With a current maximum horizontal reach of 800 mm and a maximum vertical reach of 300 mm, the IX Series SCARA robots features a maximum payload capability of 10 kg and a maximum speed of over 7000 mm per second.

  • Maximum speed of 7121mm/sec
  • Minimum cycle time less than 0.5 seconds*
  • Maximum rated payload of 10 kg
  • Full interpolated path motion capability
  • Minimum positioning repeatability of ±0.015 mm
  • Vertical axis with 200 or 300 mm stroke and 360° rotation

IX High-Speed Scara

The new IX High-speed SCARA has been improved to achieve higher speeds and reduced cycle times.  The easy to program SCARA is offered in a wide variety of sizes and mounting options.

Super-Large SCARA Robot IX-1000/1200

The latest addition to our offerings is the super-large SCARA series boasting an arm length of 1200 mm and payload of 50 kg, both of which are the largest among all our SCARA robots.

IX-120 / 150 Ultra Compact SCARA

The IX-120 / 150 is an Ultra Compact unit capable of driving a maximum payload of 1 kg.  It has a maximum work envelope of 300 mm in a small installation space of 47 mm wide and 132 mm deep, enabling significant size reduction of your production line.

IX-NNN / NNC Ultra Compact / Cleanroom SCARA Robot

A Palm-Sized unit capable of driving a maximum payload of 1kg.  New models of 180-mm arm length and cleanroom specification were added to the lineup, further extending the utility and applications of the IX-NNN / NNC series.

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