Robotic Arms & Accessories

Our lineup of automation solutions features the industry's most advanced technology, including the highly versatile robotic arms from Universal Robots. These cobots are renowned for their ease of integration into existing workflows and their ability to safely collaborate with human employees, increasing productivity across tasks such as precision assembly, packaging, and material handling. The adaptability of these robots is further enhanced by an array of cobot accessories, ensuring that any automation challenge can be met with precision and efficiency.

Complementing our range is the precision-focused Mecademic six-axis robot and the innovative Robotiq grippers, both of which exemplify the cutting-edge of robotic accessories. Mecademic robots are ideal for tasks that require meticulous accuracy in a compact space, while Robotiq grippers add a level of dexterity that can significantly expand a cobot's range of applications. Together, these products form a comprehensive suite of automation tools that can transform your production line into a model of modern efficiency and innovation.

Our portfolio also includes a robust selection of robotic bases, tool changers, protective sleeves, and other essential cobot accessories to enhance the functionality and longevity of your automation investment. The addition of these components allows for greater flexibility and scalability, from quick adaptation to different tasks with tool changers to extending the operational life of your equipment with protective sleeves. With these comprehensive solutions, we provide not just robots, but a complete ecosystem designed to meet the diverse and evolving needs of modern industry.

Robot Arms & Accessories We Provide:

Articulated/Six-Axis Robots

Six-axis robots are the most common type of robot used in industrial manufacturing, because they allow for articulated and interposed movement to any point within the working space. They're also able to complete a growing number of applications including material handling/removal, welding/sealing, painting/spraying, and picking.

Collaborative Robots (Cobots)

Cobots, with their innate versatility and ease of programming, are designed to seamlessly integrate into existing workflows, enabling businesses to augment their operations with smart automation. They excel in tasks that require a human touch's finesse combined with robotic consistency, such as delicate assembly, intricate pick-and-place, and meticulous inspection.

Cobot Grippers

Grippers attach to six-axis robots and cobots in order to help complete a number of tasks. They can be combined with end effectors to complete even more jobs, and with tool changers to easily be moved from one workstation to another. They come in a number of configurations. 

Cobot Protective Covers/Sleeves

Affordable and disposable dust covers that are designed for the Universal Robot product line. They are easy to install and they do not hinder range of movement. They offer protection from dust, dirt, and other particles.  Available in different sizes and for different cobot applications.

Cobot Vertical Axis

This technology is not only beneficial for demanding tasks such as palletizing, material handling, inspection, and construction, but its increased vertical reach ensures that the robot can work optimally without limitations. With a robust industrial design, the vertical axis system guarantees silent and smooth operation, offering a powerful lifting solution for a wide range of applications.

Cobot Workstations

Offers flexible and efficient solutions for various industrial tasks. Designed to enhance collaboration between humans and robots, these stations provide a safe and productive environment for performing complex operations. The integration of collaborative robots (cobots) with modular automation components from Robotunits ensures seamless and efficient workflows.

Robotic End Effectors

End effectors attach to the six-axis robot/cobot and a tool (like a gripper) to add additional functionality. Common examples include power or pneumatics. 

Robotic Tool Changers

A device fixed on the wrist of the robot, allowing for switching between several tools in the same area, able to complete a set of tasks. If an operation requires assembly, testing, and material handling, then the robotic tool changer switches tools as needed. Robotic tool changers are time savers when you only have one robot station to carry out different processes.

Robotic Arm & Accessory Products:

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UR30 Robot by Universal Robotics

UR30 Robot

With 30kg of lifting capacity and a 1300mm reach.

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UR20 Robot by Universal Robotics

UR20 Robot

Handles more tasks with 1750 mm reach and 20 kg payload capacity.

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UR16e Robot by Universal Robotics

UR16e Robot

For heavy machine tending, massive pick and place, and voluminous packaging.

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UR10e Robot by Universal Robotics

UR10e Robot

An Industrial robot arm with long reach for wide workspaces, diverse application coverage and rapid deployment.

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UR5e Robot by Universal Robotics

UR5e Robot

A flexible and lightweight robotic arm with diverse application coverage and rapid/flexible deployment.

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UR3e Robot by Universal Robotics

UR3e Robot

A smaller table-top robot, perfect for light assembly tasks and automated workbench scenarios.

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Meca500 by Mecademic


The world’s smallest, most precise six-axis industrial robot arm. Portable and perfect for lab use.

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Meca500 EtherCat Master Controller Kit by Mecademic

Meca500 EtherCat Master Controller Kit

A ready-to-go pre-configured kit only available at Electromate.

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Manual Electrical Robot Tool Changer by SMARTSHIFT Robotics

Manual Electrical Robot Tool Changer

One robot mater with female electric connection and two robot tool holders with male electric connections. Optional pneumatics available.

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Workstation Switching Set by SMARTSHIFT Robotics

Workstation Switching Set

Contains two baseplates for tables and one master base for robot.

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Robot Tool Changer Master by SMARTSHIFT Robotics

Robot Tool Changer Master

The primary component of a tool changer that attaches to the robot.

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Master Base for Universal Robot by SMARTSHIFT Robotics

Master Base for Universal Robot

When you have one robot to switch between multiple workstations. Attaches to the robot.

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Baseplate for Universal Robot by SMARTSHIFT Robotics

Baseplate for Universal Robot

When you have one robot to switch between multiple workstations. Attaches to workstation.

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Robot Tool Changer Holder by SMARTSHIFT Robotics

Robot Tool Changer Holder

The secondary component of a tool changer that attaches to the tool.

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Tool Changer Tool Pocket by SMARTSHIFT Robotics

Tool Changer Tool Pocket

For switching between tools that are connected to the Tool Changer Holder

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