Automotive Subsystems

In the automotive industry, Electromate excels in manufacturing critical parts for automotive subsystems and systems. Our production range is extensive, including essential components for transmission and powertrain systems, engines and engine parts, body parts and trim, along with advanced electronics, braking systems, and steering and suspension components.

Our commitment to engineering excellence and quality assurance is crucial in the automotive manufacturing process. We focus on building subsystems that precisely meet the specifications required by our clients in the automotive industry, while also achieving cost efficiencies. This approach ensures that every automotive subsystem and system component from Electromate delivers on reliability and performance.

Leveraging Advanced Technology in Automotive Production

At Electromate, we extensively use industrial engineering computer systems for designing automotive parts, ensuring accurate process control and efficient inventory management. This technological approach is vital for maintaining the high standards expected in the automotive sector.

Innovation through Additive Manufacturing

Additive manufacturing, or 3D printing, stands as a key area of research and development focus in the automotive industry. At Electromate, we embrace this innovative manufacturing method, recognizing its potential to revolutionize the production of automotive systems and subsystems. This technology allows us to create highly customized and precise components, catering to the evolving needs of the automotive sector.

Automotive Engineering Whitepapers

Spot Welding Auto Chassis Using the Tolomatic GSWA ServoWeld® Actuator

An automotive plant was using a servo actuator with a reverse parallel style motor mount on their RSW chassis to perform spot welding. The actuator/chassis combination resulted in a large footprint and heavy overall weight. The customer wanted a lighter weight and smaller actuator/chassis combination.

Maxon Drive Systems for Aircap System

Part of the luxury and joy behind owning a convertible, is being able to drive the open road with the top down. The AIRCAP® system offered by Mercedes-Benz in their E-class convertible allows for a pleasurable experience when taking advantage of pristine weather conditions. The AIRCAP® is an automatic draft stop that can be activated at the push of a button. It greatly reduces interior turbulence and provides a more comfortable experience for drive and passenger alike. Inside this system is a maxon drive system for Aircap systems.