Young Engineers Outreach Program

Canadian applicants only please.

Electromate is passionate about helping people turn ideas into invention.

Many times, great ideas are blocked by knowledge and budgetary barriers. This is especially true for newer engineers and University students. 

That is why Electromate has created our Young Engineers Outreach Program. If you're a College or University teacher or student with an idea, we may be able to help.

Over the years, we're proud to have helped a number of teams with their projects. Read on to learn more.

Participants in the program can benefit from:

  • Receiving servo/stepper motors, gearheads, and controllers at discounted prices or even donated free of charge
  • Expert support from knowledgeable product specialists trained in applying our products
  • Approved projects are promoted to a wider audience via Electromate’s various communication channels (website, social media, etc.)

Electromate has access to over 100,000 parts, both simple and highly configurable from over 20 manufacturers including:

We are proud to have a seasoned team of product knowledge specialists from all different backgrounds that are enthusiastic for an opportunity to work with you.  We're available to help with the evaluation and acquisition of parts needed to bring your development project from concept to completion.  Our team's areas of focus include Robotic, Mechanical Engineering, Mechatronics Engineering, Engineering Science, and Engineering Physics.

We're also excited to help promote your project when the time comes.  Electromate is very active in the online Automation community.  If permitted, we'll share your team's story through all our communication channels, including our website, blog, and social media channels.

Please take a moment to fill out the form and tell us about your project.  We'll reach out to you and let you know if/how we are able to help.  We can then set up a time for you to consult with one of our team members to assess your project’s needs.

There is no wrong submission.  If you are a Canadian student/teacher working on a research grant, thesis, or similar project, please reach out to us.  Some of our longest standing partnerships are with small engineering teams who started on the research floor.  We look forward to hearing from you.

List of Resources:

Program Partnerships:

The Universal Robots Education Program

The Universal Robots Education Program offers comprehensive robotics education for schools, colleges, and universities, aiming to equip students with hands-on experience in collaborative robotics. The program includes a full curriculum with a learning platform, hardware kits featuring collaborative robots, specialized teacher training, and industry-leading teaching materials. It emphasizes practical experience in programming, implementing, and maintaining automation solutions, preparing students for the future workforce with industry-recognized certifications.

The UW Robotics Team

UW Robotics provides opportunities for passionate students to develop personal and professional skills while exploring the evolving field of robotics. With over 35 students from Engineering, Mathematics, Science and the Arts, the Mars Rover Team strives for unique projects and international success.

For the past five years, a Mars Rover robot has been sent to the University Rover Challenge at the Mars Desert Research Station in Utah. Team members eagerly apply in-class knowledge and co-op experiences to refine previous builds, integrate new technology into our robots and improve the competitive viability of new designs.

Electromate is proud to be a sponsor of the UW Robotics Team. 

BCIT CNC Router Student Project 

This CNC router was built in the garage after the students Mike Wait and Karim Soliman's funding was cancelled, and the campus shop was closed to due to COVID. The purpose of the project was to build a consumer grade CNC router that was a step above brands such as Shapeoko and Workbee. They were trying to improve on the capabilities of belt driven, smaller routers already on the market, for a reasonable increase in costs. The second purpose is so the student can do custom aluminum parts for vehicles as a side job, and having a 4-axis CNC router that handles aluminum well is very helpful. 


The CNC router has a 24"x36"x12" cutting area, with an 8" diameter aluminum (~10"  in softer materials) capable B-axis along the Y-axis. The 5mm pitch and 20mm diameter ballscrews of each axis are driven by 4.0 N*m stepper motors, which are controlled through an 'Acorn' CNC controller that interfaces with a computer. The B axis is powered by another 4.0 N*m stepper, directly coupled to a Harmonic Drive planetarty gearhead supplied by Electromate. That is attached to an independent 4 jaw chuck. The spindle is a G-penny 1.5KW water cooled spindle, giving us plenty of power for cutting aluminum, and small depth of cut passes on steels. The aluminum parts were machined on the student's  Shapeoko 3 CNC router. The steel side and baseplates are water jet cut and painted red.