Linear Shafting & Support

Shafting and support structures are fundamental components in linear and rotary motion systems, providing the necessary alignment, stability, and support for moving elements. These components ensure that shafts maintain their position and orientation under various loads and speeds, minimizing wear and maximizing efficiency.

From precise linear spline shaft guideways facilitating motion conversion to robust shaft supports maintaining system integrity, and convenient pre-assembled shaft assemblies for ease of installation, each element plays a crucial role in the smooth operation of machinery across a wide range of applications in industries like automation, manufacturing, and robotics.

Linear Shafting & Support by Type:

Linear Spline Shaft Guideways

Serve a critical role in converting rotary motion into precise linear movement. These components are integral in applications requiring high levels of accuracy and efficiency, such as in automation equipment and CNC machinery. The unique design of spline shafts, with their grooved or keyed profiles, allows for smooth motion transfer and high mechanical advantage, making them ideal for tasks that demand precise control and force distribution.

Linear Shaft Supports

Essential for ensuring the stability and alignment of rotating or linearly moving shafts within a system. They play a pivotal role in maintaining the integrity of the motion structure, preventing deflection and vibration that could lead to wear or system failure. By providing a stable base and reducing stress on other components, shaft supports enhance the longevity and reliability of machinery in various industrial and mechanical applications.

Linear Shaft Assemblies

Pre-assembled shaft and bearing combinations streamline the installation process, offering a convenient and time-saving solution for integrating linear motion components. These assemblies ensure optimal alignment and performance right out of the box, reducing the risk of installation errors that could affect system operation. They are widely used in applications where ease of maintenance, reliability, and quick setup are priorities, such as in packaging lines, material handling systems, and manufacturing automation.

Linear Shafting & Support Products:

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ARS Series Aluminum Shaft Rail Support by Lintech

ARS Series Aluminum Shaft Rail Support

Made from durable 6061-T6 aluminum, available for shafts 0.500 to 2.000 inches with a natural finish.

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TRSA Series Pre-Aligned Dual Shafts by Lintech

TRSA Series Pre-Aligned Dual Shafts

Featuring pre-aligned steel shafts on an aluminum support for easy installation and leveling.

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ES Series End Shaft Support Blocks by Lintech

ES Series End Shaft Support Blocks

For shafts 0.500 to 2.000 inches, offering strength and a natural finish.

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SA Series Linear Single Shaft Assemblies by Lintech

SA Series Linear Single Shaft Assemblies

Single Shaft Assemblies, featuring steel shafts mounted on anodized aluminum supports, available from 6 to 192 inches for seamless linear system integration.

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