Shafted Rotary Encoders

Shafted rotary encoders mount with a flexible coupling. Inside the coder is a rod that allows you to attach to an engine.

The primary consideration when choosing a shafted rotary encoder is matching the rod dimensions to the motor in order to avoid misalignment and performance deterioration. You also need to consider the other fittings, like the external mounting flange and flex coupling.

Because of this shafted rotary encoders are often larger than hollow shaft rotary encoders. Electromate carries a number of shaft rotary encoders.   

Featured Shafted Encoder Manufacturers:

Posital Fraba

Posital Fraba designs and markets sensors for high precision industrial angle and displacement detection applications. They take encoder manufacturing to the next step by offering 24h production for most absolute and incremental encoders. This is why POSITAL is a one-stop encoder shop.

Quantum Devices

Quantum Devices is dedicated to manufacturing high quality, high performance encoders and photodiodes for a multitude of industries with an emphasis on the Motion Control Industry. QDI optical encoders offer numerous configurations to meet the wide demands of the motion control industry.

Shafted Encoder Products:

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