Tilt Sensors

Also called inclinometers or tilt switches, tilt sensors are designed to measure the angle of an object in relation to the force of gravity. The tilt sensor determine pitch or roll angle, and outputs these values via the appropriate electrical interface.

Tilt Sensors are becoming more popular because they're easy to integrate to various applications, and because there's no need for mechanical linkage aside from the installation. 

Electromate proudly carries TILTIX Inclinometers made by Posital. Posital developed several tilt sensor types to have a suitable solution for different applications in each industry. The accurate measurement of the degree of tilt or inclination from a horizontal position is critical for motion control systems to ensure safety.

Electromate supplies TILTIX Inclinometers throughout Canada in regions like Ontario, British Columbia, and Quebec.

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Tilt Sensor Types

Dynamic Tilt Sensors

Equipped with a 3D MEMS accelerometer and a 3D MEMS gyroscope. A smart algorithm combines the signal of accelerometer and gyroscope to eliminate the effect of accelerations, vibrations and shocks. Dynamic inclinometers output a clean measurement signal and can be used reliably on mobile equipment such as construction machinery, mining equipment, agricultural machinery, cranes, and anywhere else where sudden movements, shocks and vibrations are likely to be encountered.

  • Compensation of External Accelerations
  • Accurate Measurement During Dynamic Movements
  • Accuracy 0.3°
  • Interfaces: CANopen

Static Tilt Sensors

These are equipped with a 2D MEMS accelerometer as sensor cell. This type of inclinometer achieves a high accuracy in a static system or when the machine is only in a slow motion. Static inclinometers can significantly improve operating safety in mobile machines, platform monitoring or medical applications by continuously monitoring the tilt or inclination angles. They are much easier and less expensive to install compared to Rotary Encoders, which makes them ideal for applications like solar trackers.

  • Accuracy 0.1° or 0.5°
  • Interfaces: CANopen, Analog Current, Analog Voltage, RS232, SSI, J1939, DeviceNet

Tilt Sensor Mounting Options

dual axis sensor is used for horizontal mounting and is ideal for leveling applications. Each of the axes shows the tilt angle with respect to the field of gravity.

single axis tilt measurement version with one axis output is intended for vertical mounting.

Tilt Sensor Applications

Inclinometers offer an easy and efficient way of monitoring spatial orientation without the need for mechanical linkages.

Applications include:

  • Medical Equipment
  • Industrial Valves, Water Wastewater
  • Material Handling
  • Mobile Machines
  • Oil and Gas
  • Renewable Energy

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