Optical Sensors

An optical sensor is a device that converts light into an electrical signal by measuring a wide variety of parameters, including temperature, pressure, position, and color.  Optical sensors are used because of their sensitivity and fast response time.

They are used in a variety of applications, including monitoring environmental conditions, measuring movement, and checking the level of liquid in a container.

No matter what your need, Electromate has the optical sensor to fit your production line.

Optical Sensor Product Lines We Provide:

Distance Sensors

Distance optical sensors are used to measure the distance to an object by measuring the time it takes for light to bounce back off of the object.

  • Distance Optical Sensors provide fast and accurate measurement, precise positioning and detection of a wide range of materials. 
  • Our sensors are optimized for IO-Link mode or standard I/O mode operation. 
  • We have a wide range of sensors for different applications, including triangulation sensors for near-field applications and time-of-flight sensors for long working distances.

Photoelectric Sensors

Electromate's photoelectric sensors by SensoPart are perfect for detecting any type of object.

  • Detect small, precise spots of light, and very small objects
  • Ideal for use in applications where precise detection is essential. 
  • Photoelectric sensors are available with a variety of settings options, including potentiometers, teach-in modes and external control cables. 
  • Can also be fitted with different transmission light sources, such as lasers, LEDs or infrared lights.
  • Easy to mount and install

Color & Contrast Sensors

The best optical sensors for color, contrast, and luminescence detection can be found at Electromate.

  • Accurately and quickly detect the subtlest differences in color and grey values, as well as non-colors. 
  • Integrate into machine control systems, thanks to IO-Link mode or standard I/O mode
  • Multi-use functions: packing, labels, film, glass, invisible printing marks for alignment

At Electromate, we provide a wide range of optical sensors from SensoPart. These sensors are perfect for various robotic applications, including distance sensing, photoelectric sensing, and color & contrast sensing. With hundreds of options available, we're sure to have the perfect sensor for your needs.

Optical Sensor Products:

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