Kit Encoders

KIT encoders are maintenance-free and cost-efficient solutions for challenging tasks in real-time motion feedback.

This hollow shaft design offers uninterruptable, battery-free multiturn function, powered by Wiegand pulse with every rotation.

They are gear-free, compact, and economically optimized; ideal for integration into servo, stepper motors, and robotic arms of various mechanical configurations.

Enhanced signal processing software enables high-resolution rotary position measurement.

Posital Kit Encoder Products:

Absolute Kit Encoders: Hollow Shaft 

  • Battery and gear-free multiturn hollow shaft
  • Resolution up to 19 bit, accuracy ± 0,02
  • Slim design: 18mm thickness
  • Open Source Iterfaces BiSS-C (SSI under development)
  • No calibration required
  • Suited for applications in robotic arms and motors

Absolute Kit Encoders: On-Axis 

  • Battery and gear-free multiturn solid and hub shaft
  • Singleturn Resolution up to 17 bit
  • Compact design: 36 mm in diameter (22 mm coming soon)
  • Multiple Open Source Interfaces: BiSS-C, BiSS Line, 2 or 4 wires, SSI
  • One Cable Technology for BiSS Line
  • Temperature range: -40° to +105°C

Incremental Kit Encoders

  • Pulse count up to 1024
  • A, B, Z channels, TTL or RS 422 outputs
  • Quick and simple assembly
  • Cost-efficient feedback solution
  • Can easily be upgraded to the absolute multiturn kit
  • Direct replacement for the Avago HEDS/HEDM 5500-5600 Series

Multiturn SPI Module

  • Reliable Wiegand multiturn technology
  • Easy integration with Customer Singleturn system
  • Standard communication Interface SPI
  • Multi-turn count range up to 40 bit
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KCD Series Multiturn Kit Encoder by Posital Fraba

KCD Series Multiturn Kit Encoder

A unique combination of accuracy, reliability and cost efficiency.

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