Ultrasonic Sensors

Electromate’s Ultrasonic Sensors are a useful alternative when optical sensors are met with their physical limitations. Many situations require an ultrasonic sensor instead of a vision sensor including, to check the presence of highly transparent foils, to measure the filling levels in liquid containers, or to detect moving, highly reflective liquid surfaces.

Our ultrasonic sensors from SensoPart have a variety of safety features: anti-collision detection, people detection, contouring or profiling, presence detection, box sorting using a multi-transducer system, easy control of trash collection vehicles, pallet detection with forklifts, and bottle counting on drink filling machines.

Advantages of Ultrasonic Sensors:

  • Seamless integration with a number of controller types
  • Ease of object detection through its high frequency 
  • Greater accuracy than most methods at measuring thickness and depth
  • Safe to use around humans while in operation
  • Small footprint allows easy integration in established production lines
  •  Reliable detection through the smallest of openings and drilled holes and transparent objects
  • Ideal for measuring filling levels of microplates and for scanning circuit boards
  • Small housings for installation in smallest of spaces 
  • PNP, NPN or analogue output options

Ultrasonic Sensor With Soundpipe

Ultrasonic sensors with soundpipe are perfect for level control in a variety of applications, but are especially well-suited for use in narrow containers. Their narrow sound beam allows for precise detection even through small openings and drilled holes.

Additionally, their reliable detection of highly transparent objects means they can be used in applications where object color and surface do not matter.

Ultrasonic sensors' compact miniature housings make them ideal for use when space is limited.

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