Vision Sensors

With the ever-increasing demand for efficiency and productivity in factories, vision sensors have become an essential tool for factory automation. Electromate’s vision sensors are used to inspect products for defects, track the movement of products on assembly lines, and guide robots and other automated machinery.

Used in various applications, including machine vision, robotics, and security, SensoPart's vision sensors are designed to provide high-quality images and data to ensure your production line is running optimally.

  • The sophisticated hardware and easily configurable software make it easy to integrate into your environment. 
  • The comprehensive protocols (e.g. PROFINET, Ethernet/IP) allow for seamless integration. 
  • The most extensive and scalable vision sensor on the market. 
  • With up to 5 megapixels and three different fields of view, the SensoPart vision sensors are the most flexible to fit your needs.
  • Minimize the need for retraining the one software for all VISOR® versions.

The VISOR® vision sensor is a powerful, compact, and lightweight smart camera. With innovative solutions, such as a targeting laser for easy mechanical alignment or motorized focus for automatic adjustment to your required operating distance. All vision sensors are compatible with most machines thanks to the universal interface. Unpack and set up, it's that easy!

Complex inspection tasks can be set up, step by step, allowing users to configure new applications quickly and easily. The VISOR® software is designed to improve the performance of the hardware with continuous monitoring of the process.

Identification Examples:

  • Barcodes
  • Data Code
  • OCR
  • Result Process

Object Detection:

  • Pattern Matching
  • Contour
  • 3d Contour
  • Brightness
  • Grey Threshold
  • Calliper
  • Blob

Options Include:

  • Standard: To solve simple image processing tasks
  • Advanced: An extended scope of functions for more challenging applications
  • Professional: The complete detector package suited to even very complex tasks

Visions Sensor Products:

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