EtherCAT Servo Amplifiers

EtherCAT is a high-performance Ethernet based deterministic network protocol developed by Beckhoff. EtherCAT is based off 100BaseT physical layer and can send multiple datagrams per EtherCAT packet. Cycle times can reach lower than 1msec. 

EtherCAT Features:

  • Transmission rates up to 200Mbit/sec.
  • Based off standard Ethernet for 100baseT
  • Real-time down to the I/O level
  • Multiple topologies possible - Line, Star, Tree, Daisy Chain + Drop Lines. Can be used in any combination
  • Requires no special Ethernet hardware – Standard Network Interface Cards (NIC) can be used for EtherCAT
  • CANopen over EtherCAT (CoE) allows use of CANopen protocol and feature set over EtherCAT
  • Off-the-shelf EtherCAT masters available that implement full language features of IEC 61131
  • Open protocol – Designers can implement their own EtherCAT master

AMC EtherCAT Servo Amplifiers

Advanced Motion Controls provides products for the fastest, most flexible form of industrial Ethernet control - EtherCAT®. High speed, deterministic control with standard 100 base-T hardware, EtherCAT Servo Amplifiers & Drives are industry proven to achieve blazing fast, consistent results in demanding applications.

AMC's DigiFlex® Performance™ product line of EtherCAT communication servo drives provide for multiple feedback devices in a variety of power platforms. Advanced Motion Controls EtherCAT products consist of panel mount and plug-in servo drives to allow for quick prototyping and ease of system integration. Panel mount DPE drives serve as nodes in single or multi-axis EtherCAT networks, while plug-in DZE/DZS drives utilize AMC's unique, proprietary high speed multi-axis communication interface and I/O expansion capabilities ('DxM'™ and 'DxI/O'™ Technologies). Now a single EtherCAT node can accommodate a combination of up to 4 axes of motion with 32 digital inputs, 32 digital outputs, 4 analog inputs, and 2 analog outputs each. The result is a highly integrated high value motion control solution for single or multi-axis applications.

The FlexPro® drive series is the latest family of digital servo drives designed for high power, small size, and the best available servo motor control. The IMPACT™ architecture of FlexPro® allows for higher power densities while still maintaining the reliability and versatility of AMC's established drive families. In addition, the advanced processing and storage capabilities ensure that drives with IMPACT™ are more intelligent and operationally flexible than ever before. FlexPro® drives are designed to operate within a network, but like previous digital drives, they can also operate stand-alone via stored indexes and sequences with I/O. They’re capable of brushed, brushless, stepper, and linear motor control.  The FlexPro® family continues to grow, with more products on the way. Future models will include more network options, and greater power ranges.

AMC's EtherCAT Servo Drives feature:

  • Four Quadrant Regenerative Operation
  • Space Vector Modulation (SVM) Technology
  • Fully Digital State-of-the-art Design
  • Programmable Gain Settings
  • Fully Configurable Current, Voltage, Velocity and Position Limits
  • PIDF Velocity Loop
  • PID + FF Position Loop
  • Compact Size, High Power Density
  • 12-bit Analog to Digital Hardware
  • Supports Advanced MotionControls' ‘DxM' Technology
  • On-the-Fly Mode Switching
  • On-the-Fly Gain Set Switching

Kollmorgern EtherCAT Servo Drives

The AKD servo drive offers the functionality of a base analog drive, indexing drive, CANopen drive and EtherCAT drive, all in one product. This was developed to give machine builders expanded flexibility to easily transition from one bus type to another within a single drive product, rather than have to work and manage multiple pieces of hardware.

Kollmorgen's Ethernet-based AKD servo drive is feature-rich. Being able to quickly and easily change the AKD's communication protocol between therCAT and CANopen gives machine builders a clear competitive advantage in getting
new, better and differentiated machines to market, faster.

AKD servo drives are also uniquely capable of supporting a variety of feedback devices and Ethernet motion buses from the base hardware, without the need for any separate option cards. Currently supported feedback devices include Smart Feedback Devices (SFD), Endat, BiSS, Analog Sine/Cos encoders, incremental encoders, HIPERFACE® and resolvers. In addition to EtherCAT and CANopen motion buses, the AKD supports SynqNet®, PROFINET, EtherNet/IP andModbus/TCP.

Kollmorgen's complete family of EtherCAT Servo Drives includes

ethercat servo amplifier AKD Series

We designed our next-generation AKD™ Series with the versatility, communications, power and bandwidth you need to build higher throughput, greater precision and more capable features into your machine—and to bring it to market faster.
ethercat servo drive amplifier AKD BASIC Programmable Drive Series

AKD BASIC drives provide all the performance features of our leading AKD Series, along with built-in machine and motion control that can be programmed in BASIC programming language from Kollmorgen's AKD WorkBench. These drives can eliminate the need for a separate PLC or allow machine designers to customize drive functionality.
ethercat servo drives AKD PDMM® Programmable Drive, Multi-Axis Master Series

The AKD PDMM™ provides an integrated servo drive and automation controller. It combines one AKD servo axis, a master controller that supports up to seven or more additional axes, and the full automation capability of Kollmorgen Automation Suite™ in a single, compact package.
ethercat servo amplifier S300 Series

These compact, easy-to-use servo drives operate directly from grounded 115 to 480VAC, 3-phase, 50-60Hz lines and provide output current of 1.5 to 10 Amps RMS/phase, continuous, for driving Kollmorgen brushless rotary servomotors and linear positioners.
ethercat servo drive amplifier S700 Series

The S700 is a digital servo drive with extended functionality to support complex drive tasks. It operates from 110 to 480 VAC, 1 or 3-phase, 50 to 60 Hz lines, and features integrated Ethernet connectivity for use with EtherCAT® and SynqNet™.

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