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ServoTek low-ripple tachometer generators satisfy the need for a low-cost, very low-ripple tachometer. In addition to being the first economical of their type, Series F and H tachometers incorporate all the desirable features of the ServoTek generator line-temperature compensation, long brush life, excellent linearity, etc.


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Manufacturer Servo-Tek Products
Product Category DC Tachometers
Mounting Tapped Holes / Face
Max Generated Voltage (VDC/kRPM) 3
Accuracy (%) ± 3
Max Speed (RPM) 12000
Shaft Diameter (mm) 6.34
Min Operating Temperature (°C) -55
Max Operating Temperature (°C) 100
Min Operating Temperature (°F) -67
Max Operating Temperature (°F) 212
F-Series, Face Mount, 3 V/1000 RPM, 12000 RPM Max Speed

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