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Bearingless modular design. Low profile assembled height. Resolutions up to 8192 lines per revolution. 4, 6, 8 or 10 pole commutation. Easy Lock-n-Twist assembly feature. Through shaft sizes up to 0.375" Diameter. Up to 1Mhz Frequency Response. High Noise Immunity. RoHS Construction. Hub to shaft uses two 3-48 set screws. Hermetically sealed LED. Multiple mounting options including resolver size 15.


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More Information
Manufacturer Quantum Devices
Encoder Output Quadrature, Reference / Index Channel
Encoder Technology Optical
Encoder Type Incremental
Max Operating Temperature (°F) 239
Max Outer Diameter (mm) 32.51
Max Resolution (counts/rev) 2000
Max Operating Temperature (°C) 115
Max Speed (RPM) 8000
Output Signal 26C31 RS 422A Line Driver (TTL Compatible)
Rotor Inertia (kg-m-s²) 5.65E-10
Rotor Inertia (oz-in-s²) 8.00E-08
Product Category Encoders - Rotary
1.28" Diameter Bearingless Modular Design Incremental Optical Encoder, 0.25" Hollow Shaft, 2000 Pulse/Rev

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