Maxon Robotics

In even the most extreme conditions, maxon drives & drive systems for robotics can be relied on to do their jobs. The maxon drives that power the NASA rover Opportunity are able to withstand tremors, the unique atmosphere, and temperature fluctuations on the surface of approx. -120°C to +25°C.

Robotics applications for maxon drives include:

  • Humanoid robots
  • Service robots
  • Inspection robots
  • Microrobotic systems
  • Teleoperation robots
  • Educational robots
  • Household robots
  • Space robots

Robotic Application Notes/Whitepapers from maxon:

Robotic Solutions from maxon:

maxon's Modular Integrated Robot Joint

maxon's first positioning controllers in a round design with a centered hole. These are especially suitable for integration into articulated joints, wheel drives, and robotics.

They combine the technology of a Harmonic Drive Gearbox + Maxon EC Flat motor + Posital absolute encoder kit + Maxon Epos4 disk drive.

The new controllers are available in both a CANopen version and an EtherCAT version.

They can be purchased in pre-configured models, as well as customized to fit your solution. 

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