Macron 150ft long actuator videoJust to illustrate how Macron “goes the distance” for our customers…   This video shows a Mac Built, Macron 14 actuator, 150 feet long, but still not the longest one we’ve ever built.  For the record, that one was a whopping 225 feet long!

Macron actuators are furnished to your specifications, and are custom built to any length up to 76.2 meters (250 feet).  Designed for high speed motion in one, two and three axis applications, multiple actuators can also be shipped preassembled for multi-axis and gantry systems.  Macron actuators are constructed to be:

  • Reliable – Virtually Maintenance Free
  • Versatile – Swift, Smooth Motion in Simple or Complex Dynamic Systems
  • Fast – Speeds to 400 Inches Per Second
  • Capable – From Light Loads to Heavy Payload Capabilities up to 4,000 lbs
  • Precise – Repeatability to +/- 0.001 – Linear Accuracy to +/- 0.003
  • All Macron actuators come with a Lifetime Warranty