Product Family: Electric

Product Used: ERD15 with servo motor and ACS servo drive

Product Type: Standard

Application Description:  Lane diverting system for sorting items.


A conveyor manufacturer was developing an affordable new family of all electric (no air supply) conveyors featuring an electric lane diverting system for use in expansive installations.  The new electric design needed to exceed speed and responsiveness of the previous pneumatic cylinders while being fully compatible with the OEM’s control system.  In addition the OEM had a proprietary control system with only digital output available to operate the spring return pneumatic cylinder which dispatched the products into the proper lanes.

Tolomatic Solution:

ERD15 electric cylinders with servo motors & ACS drives were selected to optimize speed and responsiveness of the lane diverting system. Tolomatic created a pneumatic mode in its ACS drive to mimic the pneumatic logic and allow the customer to integrate the electric solution without changing its controls or software.  

Customer Benefit:

  • Exceeded speed and responsiveness of pneumatic cylinders
  • Saved operating costs with reduced maintenance, improved efficiency in production and lower energy consumption.
  • Seamless compatibility with existing customer controls.
  • Engineering and technical support for successful deployment