February 03, 2015  11:00am EST
This webinar gives you guidelines for selecting the perfect DC motor type for your application.  For example, which motor type is used in the climate control system of the Boeing Dreamliner, and for what reasons?

  • Is a brushed or a brushless design more adapted?
  • Does a flat pancake type motor fit better or should it be an elongated cylindrical one?
  • Are motors with a slotted iron core winding design the right choice, or should it be a motor with a slotless winding?

For motor selection, it is important to know the particular requirements of each application.

  • How large are torque and speed?  Are there any gears involved?
  • How is the motor operated and controlled?  What is the required precision of control?
  • What are the restrictions on size and weight?
  • How about special ambient conditions such as temperature and pressure?

Before answering these questions, the webinar starts with having a look at the properties of all kind of small DC motors with permanent magnets.

  • Which motor designs are adapted for high speed or high torque?
  • How to select motors according to torque and speed requirements
  • What are the particular advantages of brushed or brushless motors?
  • How does a slotted or slotless winding design influence motor performance?
  • What is the role of gears?

The webinar illustrates the findings on a multitude of typical application examples.
Presenter: Dr. Urs Kafader – Maxon Motor
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