Meat Slicing Using the Tolomatic ERD15 with SS2 option electric cylinder & ACS

Product Family: Electric

Products Used: ERD15 with SS2 option electric cylinder & ACS

Product Type: Standard

Application Requirements

Stroke: 2 inches

Application Description: Meat slicing blade adjustment.


An OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) of meat processing equipment needed a solution to position the cutting blade with infinite positioning capability. The customer had been utilizing manual hand-crank adjustment which was time-consuming to dial in the process and prone to human error. The electric actuator solution needed to be capable of connecting to an Allen Bradley CompactLogix® PLC utilizing Ethernet/IP®.

Tolomatic Solution:

An all stainless steel ERD15 electric cylinder w/ protective motor enclosure and ACS (Actuator Control Solution) drive was chosen to provide the customer with infinite positioning capability. The ERD15 protects the motor in a stainless enclosure from frequent wash down cleanings. The ACS with dual Ethernet ports is easily integrated into the Allen Bradley PLC.

Customer Benefit:

  • Infinite positioning allowed customer to accurately dial in slice width to eliminate waste
  • Significant savings on cost of meat for end user by eliminating potential for human error making slices too large
  • Integration into existing PLC Ethernet network saved design time