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The STM23R-2NN integrated stepper is a drive+motor unit, fusing a NEMA 23 step motor and a sophisticated 5.0 A/phase (peak-of-sine) stepper drive into a single device. Power to the drive, located at the rear of the motor, must be supplied by an external DC supply.

The STM23R-2NN is designed for step & direction control from an external controller. The external controller can be a motion controller, PLC, or other device that provides two digital outputs: one output for digital pulses to control position and velocity of the motor, and a second output to control the direction of the motor, CW and CCW. Some controllers provide two pulse outputs – referred to as CW/CCW pulse or pulse-pulse – instead of pulse & direction.

The STM23R works with these controllers as well simply by changing one of the setup dip switches. Note that STM23R integrated steppers are not available with any communication options (such as Ethernet, RS-485, etc.) or additional control modes (such as velocity, streaming commands or Q programming). For these and other functions see other models in the STM23 integrated stepper family.

The STM23R-2NN is a single-shaft version of the STM23R. A double-shaft version is also available, STM23R-2ND, as well as a version with a 1000-line, incremental encoder assembled to the rear shaft, STM23R-2NE. Each STM23R integrated stepper comes with 3 digital inputs and 1 digital output. Two of the digital inputs (labeled STEP and DIR) accept signals of 5-24 VDC and are used for controlling position and velocity of the motor, either via pulse & direction or CW/CCW pulse outputs from an external controller. The third digital input (EN) accepts signals of 5-24 VDC and can be used to enable/disable power to the motor shaft. The digital output (OUT) can be used to indicate drive and motor faults by connecting it to an available digital input on the external controller.

To facilitate connecting I/O signals and DC power to the STM23R, a mating connector with 12-inch flying leads is included with each unit.

All STM23R integrated steppers are RoHS compliant.


More Information
ManufacturerApplied Motion Products
FeedbackIncremental Encoder
Max Holding Torque (mNm)883.00
Max Holding Torque oz (in)125.00
Max Length (mm)85.70
Min Operating Temperature (°C)0.00
Min Operating Temperature (°F)32.00
Max Operating Temperature (°C)85.00
Max Operating Temperature (°F)185.00
Shaft Diameter (mm)6.35
Shaft Diameter (in)0.25
Max Input Supply Voltage (VDC)70.00
Motor ConstructionHybrid Stepper
NEMA Frame Size23
Number of Axes1
Operating ModeStep & Direction
Rotor Inertia (kg-m-s²)2.60E-05
Rotor Inertia (oz-in-s²)3.68E-03
SetupSoftware Setup
Shaft OrientationIn-line,Double-ended (Encoder mounted)
Step Angle (°)1.8
Product CategoryIntegrated Motors
Drive + Motor + Control Unit

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