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Gearing products (components or housed gearboxes) are mechanical devices used to increase the output torque or change the speed (RPM) of a motor. They are also used for inertia matching between a load and a motor. The most common type of gearing product is a housed gearbox (or housed gearhead). Gearboxes come in a variety of types: Planetary, Strain Wave Gearing, Bevel, Helical, Spur, Cycloidal, etc.

Most gearboxes are constructed from steel materials such as iron, aluminum and brass, however spur gearboxes can also be made with plastics such as polycarbonate or nylon. The orientation of the gear teeth plays a major role in the overall efficiency, torque and speed of the system. Straight gear teeth gearboxes are typically used in low-speed applications. These gearboxes can be noisy, and usually have lower overall efficiency.

Helical gearboxes are typically used in high-speed applications. These gearboxes are quieter in operation than straight gear teeth gearboxes and usually have improved overall efficiency. In very low noise applications, ceramic gears can be used to replace metal gears.

Zero Backlash Explained:

In mechanical engineering terminology, backlash, sometimes called lash or play, is the measurable lost motion in a mechanism caused by gaps between the parts. An example in the context of gears and gear trains is the amount of clearance between mated gear teeth. It can be seen when the direction of movement is reversed and the slack or lost motion is taken up before the reversal of motion is complete.

Depending on the application, backlash may or may not be desirable. Reasons for the presence of looseness or "play" in mechanical linkages that cause backlash include allowing for lubrication, manufacturing errors, deflection under load, and thermal expansion.

Gearing Product Lines we Carry:

Cycloidal Speed Reducers

Cycloidal (planocentric) Gearboxes employ eccentric motion to achieve speed reduction. It uses non-circular or eccentric motion to convert input rotation into a wobbly cycloidal motion.

Harmonic Gearing Systems

Utilizing a unique operating principle, the gear consists of only 3 basic parts (Wave Generator, Flexspline, and Circular Spline). It employs eccentric motion to achieve its speed reduction. It uses non-circular or eccentric motion to convert input rotation into cycloidal motion. This motion is then converted back into a circular output rotation. During this process, speed reduction occurs. 

Mini Planetary Gearheads

Mini Planetary Gearheads are used with small step motors in NEMA 8, 11, and 14 frame sizes. The small design of the gearheads allows them to be paired with small motors, and doesn't adversely affect the outside dimensions of the combined gearmotor.

Pancake Gearing Components

Pancake gears consist of four main parts: Wave Generator, Flexspline, Dynamic Spline, and Circular Spline. Extremely flat and compact, these pancake gears offer the design engineer high ratios in extremely compact configurations. These low-cost gears are ideal when price is a factor and zero-backlash is required.

Inline & MultiDrive Planetary Gearheads

Constructed with a sun gear, ring gear and planetary gears. The sun gear is the central gear which is fixed in the center, ring gear (annulus ring) which is the outer ring with inward-facing teeth, and the planetary gears which rotate around the sun gears and mesh with both the sun and ring gear. Planetary gearboxes are used in applications requiring low backlash, compact size, high efficiency, resistance to shock, and a high torque to weight ratio.Harmonic Drive LLC offers a range of Harmonic Planetary® gearheads.Quick Connect® coupling enables gearboxes to connect easily to any servo motor. Ideal solution when using a servomotor. Offers easy-to-connect gearheads with a range of gear ratios and torque capacities.

Right Angle Planetary Gearheads

One of the largest selections of Right-Angle Planetary Gear Reducers in the world.  Models range from 1arc-minute to 20 arc-minutes backlash, in frame sizes 60 mm to 220 mm (including most NEMA sizes), producing 25 Nm to 2800 Nm of torque and with ratios from 1:1 to 500:1. 

Spiral Bevel Gearheads

Include either straight or spiral teeth gears. Straight bevel gears have straight and tapered teeth and are used in applications requiring slow speeds. Spiral bevel gears have curved and oblique teeth and are used in applications requiring high-performance, high speed applications. Bevel gearboxes are mainly used in right angle applications with the shafts in a perpendicular arrangement.

Gearing Products:

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