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The FR pancake gear consists of four main parts: Wave Generator, Flexspline, Dynamic Spline, and Circular Spline. When assembled, rotation of the Wave Generator as a high speed input member imparts a rotating elliptical shape to the Flexspline. This causes progressive engagement of its external teeth with the internal teeth of the Circular Spline. The fixed Circular Spline, having a larger number of teeth than the Flexspline causes the latter to precess at a rate determined by the ratio of tooth difference to the total number of teeth. With the same number of teeth as the Flexspline, The Dynamic Spline rotates with, and at the same speed as, the Flexspline and is the output member of the drive. Key Features: - Maximum reduction ratio in minimum space - Low backlash - Simple installation and maintenance - FR is a heavy duty version of the FB - FR uses a double wave generator bearing.


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Manufacturer Harmonic Drive
Short Description FR Size 100, Hollow Shaft Output, Component Set, 100:1 Ratio, 3200 Nm Max Cont. Torque
Gearing Type Harmonic
Max Gear Ratio 100:1
Max Length (mm) 101
Max Length (in) 3.98
Max Outer Diameter (mm) 330
Max Outer Diameter (in) 13
Max Torque Rating (Nm) 3200
Max Torque Rating (in-lbs) 28322
Mounting Flange
Reducer Input Coupling, Bushing
Reducer Output Flange
Reducer Style Component Set
Rotary Backlash (armin) 1.5
Series FR Series
Weight (kg) 42.6
Weight (lbs) 93.7
FR Size 100, Hollow Shaft Output, Component Set, 100:1 Ratio, 3200 Nm Max Cont. Torque

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