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Haydon Kerk Motion Solutions, Inc. is recognized worldwide as a leader for stepper motor based linear actuators, rotary motors, leadscrew assemblies, linear rail systems, and sealed switches. The Company, headquartered in Waterbury, CT, develops, designs and manufacturers internationally patented products for the global marketplace.

Haydon Kerk custom designs and manufacturers their products for medical equipment, instrumentation, industrial equipment, machinery automation, HVAC, office equipment, and many other custom applications. The unique designs provide precise, reliable products with unmatched performance-to-size ratios. Products are simple and versatile, making them well suited for customization and manufacturing. As a Hadon Kerk distributor, Electromate proudly supplies Haydon Kirk linear actuators & stepper motors, in addition to a range of other linear motion products.

HaydonKerk Motion Solutions is the joining of 2 world class brands in the field of linear motion; Haydon™ and Kerk®. Together, we now offer a broad range of precision linear motion products. 

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