Akribis Systems

Electromate is proud to be an Akribis Systems distributor, supplier Akribis Systems servo motors, stages, and other products. Founded in 2004, Akribis Systems is a motion control company that provides high precision direct drive motors. They construct products for a range of industries including renewable energy, semiconductor, communication, biomedical, robotics or any industry that requires precise motion. Akribis Systems supports a wide range of industries including semiconductor, flat panel, data storage, photonics, biomedical, life science and electronics manufacturing. More than a manufacturer, they are also innovators. Their deep knowledge of engineering and dedication to the work has resulted in 44 patents. Their engineers are able to custom design motors and stages to your specific requirements with you as a co-developer.

Products include:Akribis-3

  • Ironless linear motors and stages
  • Iron core linear motors and stages
  • Voice coil motors and modules
  • Direct drive rotary motors
  • Complex precision systems



Akribis Systems Decoupled YZ Stage

In this video, we go over data recording in real time using Akribis PCSuite.

Setting up hardware connections and finding relevant hardware parameters.

How to use the CNC feature in PCSuite.

Electromagnetic Interference & How to Reduce it

An overview on IDE+, our PCSuite programming environment

Setting up our initial system configuration using Agito PCSuite

Compare between PID & PIV controller schemes

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