Posital Fraba

Posital Fraba offers a comprehensive range of sensors for motion control and safety assurance systems.

With its broad range of sensors, Posital Fraba is the ideal partner for manufacturers who are looking for complete solutions.

From rotary encoders with incremental and absolute output to angular rate sensors and magnetic encoders, Posital Fraba has a sensor to suit any application.

Posital Fraba Product Offerings:

Incremental Rotary Encoders

Posital Fraba is the industry leader in incremental encoder technology. Electromate offers a wide range of mechanical and housing variations, ensuring a quality sensor that fits your needs. These incremental encoders come in diameters as compact as 36 mm and are available in stainless steel and heavy-duty housings, built to withstand the toughest industrial environments.

Industry-leading Technology

Industry-leading sensing technology allows for exceptional accuracy and performance with programmable outputs. Magnetic incremental encoders are perfect for harsh environments where standard optical encoders would fail. They are built with high shock and vibration resistance, making them ideal for applications that experience extreme conditions.

Absolute Rotary Encoders

The absolute rotary encoders from Posital Fraba offer the perfect balance between performance, features, and size. These encoders maintain position information even when power is lost, and communication is interrupted. These encoders are suited for almost any application with a range of interfaces.  Absolute rotary shaft encoders are available in a range of shaft diameters, so you can be sure to find the perfect one for your needs.

Durable and Safe

These rotary encoders are highly shock and vibration-resistant, ideal for industrial applications, and insensitive to dust and humidity, making them perfect for harsh environments. Available in both stainless steel and ATEX versions. Their clever design means they are Safety Ready – all you need to do is fit the appropriate safety cover.

Inclinometers (Tilt Sensors)

In robotics, it is critical to accurately measure the inclination angle, so workers can safely and effectively operate in their environments. Posital Fraba inclinometers, also known as tilt sensors, are used in a variety of applications where shocks and vibrations are frequent events. Finding a majority of use in construction, mining, and military equipment, among other industries. Posital Fraba has a variety of dynamic inclinometers for accurate accelerations and rate of rotation measurements. Static inclinometers are best used for slow-moving applications that require an extreme amount of accuracy.

Accurate and Resistant

Inclinometers provide precision measurement of angles in two axes. Single-axis models are available with mobility up to 360°, while dual-axis versions measure up to +/-180°. These compact, reliable devices can be mounted horizontally or vertically and have analog and digital interfaces for easy integration into various systems. These tilt sensors have a high shock and vibration resistance and can operate in conditions up to IP69K.

Linear Position Sensors

Posital Fraba linear position sensors are designed for precision, long-term position measurement in industrial and laboratory applications. Available in differing measurement lengths, resolutions, and accuracy with integrated amplifiers providing scalable analog output signals. Posital Fraba linear sensors are used in many demanding industrial applications such as material handling, crane systems, and machine tool construction. They offer excellent durability at a low cost, with high resolution and large measuring ranges.

Safety and Protection

Posital Fraba linear sensors are primarily designed for outdoor applications and include protection class up to IP69K. Our sensors are safety-ready through clever design, with tandem redundant encoders and tilt and linear measurement in one sensor. Even with long cycle times, linearity is very high, making it an incredibly accurate positional sensor. These sensors can be used with a variety of communication interfaces.

KCD Series Kit Encoders

KIT encoders are maintenance-free and cost-efficient solutions for challenging tasks in real-time motion feedback. This hollow shaft design offers uninterruptable, battery-free multiturn function, powered by Wiegand pulse with every rotation. 

Posital Fraba Online Tools:

There are over 500,000 possible configurations based on your needs. Below is access to Posital's Online Portal. Anything you can't find on the Electromate site, you will find here. If you want to skip the work and have us do it for you, simply contact us with your specs, and we will send you information for the proper part.

Programmable incremental encoders can be easily configured on site. Posital can also build/ship already pre-configured too with no change in price or delivery. Either way the advanced magnetic sensing technology provides huge benefits in terms of mechanical robustness and long life span.

The Wiegand Effect Explained:

Posital's rotary encoders implement Wiegand technology. The “wiegand effect” is a physical phenomenon discovered in the 1970’s by John Wiegand.  Wiegand found that when a specially prepared piece of ferromagnetic alloy (the Wiegand wire) is subject to a reversing external magnetic field, it will retain its magnetic polarity up to a certain point, then suddenly ‘flip’ to the opposite polarity. This change in magnetic polarity takes place within a few microseconds. This sudden change of magnetic polarity can generate a pulse of current in a copper coil positioned close to the Wiegand wire. POSITAL’s Wiegand sensors offer bipolar magnetic sensing without the need for any external voltage or current to be applied. The material properties of the sensor mean that consistent pulses are produced every time the magnetic field polarity switches. This makes it the perfect magnetic sensor for low-power and energy-saving applications.

Pulse Energy Harvesting

The consistency of the pulses produced by Wiegand sensors can also be used to provide energy for ultra-low power electronics to be operated using a single pulse. In addition, successive pulses to be stored to offset energy demand of low-power energy circuits. Alternatively, the pulses can be used to trigger, or ‘wake-up’, intermittently powered electronic circuits. It is also possible for applications to exploit both functions of the pulses (magnetic sensing and energy harnessing), using the pulse energy to power ultra-low power circuits which use the timing of the pulses to perform tasks (e.g. count event data).

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