Food & Beverage

Companies in this industry manufacture and/or process a wide variety of foods, including meat, seafood, dairy products, fruits and vegetables, milled grains and oilseeds, baked goods, and candy.  

Technology employed in this industry allows for integrated network automation of the processing, baking, canning, freezing, packaging and quality control of food and beverages. 

The challenge is made more difficult by strict hygiene requirements – with frequent, often lengthy washdowns and harsh chemicals that can quickly destroy ordinary machine components.  This places demand on these manufacturers to update or buy new automation equipment for production. Electromate supplies a range of food and beverage control systems and food grade actuators & motors specifically designed for use in these harsh environments.

Food & Beverage Whitepapers

Meat Slicing Using the Tolomatic ERD15 with SS2 option electric cylinder & ACS

An OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) of meat processing equipment needed a solution to position the cutting blade with infinite positioning capability. The customer had been utilizing manual hand-crank adjustment which was time-consuming to dial in the process and prone to human error. The electric actuator solution needed to be capable of connecting to an Allen Bradley CompactLogix® PLC utilizing Ethernet/IP®.

Cheese Cutting Using the Tolomatic ERD30 electric rod-style cylinder

A cheese company had several cutting stations that currently used hydraulic cylinders to cut blocks of cheese. Due to increased food safety requirements, the manufacturer wanted to replace the hydraulic cylinders with electric cylinders to eliminate contamination concerns from possibility of leaking hydraulic fluids. Because they were familiar with the long life of hydraulic cylinders, the manufacturer also required an electric cylinder with very long life.

Food & Beverage Products

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