Tolomatic's ERD Series Actuators

Hamel, MN – Tolomatic has expanded its new line of ERD electric rod-style actuators to make the line more flexible than ever before. Enhancements such as ball screws, motor mounts for NEMA and metric stepper and servo motors, plus a guide option, make it possible to employ ERD actuators in many more types of motion control applications. Originally designed as an affordable replacement for pneumatic cylinders, the ERD has become a very economical actuator solution for applications such as product changeovers, pick-and-place, sorting and diverting, heat-staking and more.
“With the expansion of the ERD product line, engineers now can specify an affordable electric rod-style actuator with a wide variety of options to solve their application challenges,” says Aaron Dietrich, electric products manager, Tolomatic. “The addition of ball screw choices, a guide option and metric servo motor mounts makes the ERD a very flexible product family for the general automation industry.
”The addition of ball screw choices improves the force range of the ERD up to 200 lb. The combination of NEMA and metric motor mounts allows users to select their preferred brand of servo or stepper motor. All three sizes of the ERD are available with an optional external guide system that prevents rod deflection and rotation during operation. The guide also features a tooling plate for mounting hardware.The entire ERD product family can be delivered built-to-order in five days.
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