There are now over 64 different versions to choose from this incredibly popular PCB mount – embedded servo drive family, including ruggedized, extreme environment units.  In fact, the digital Z-Drives operate at 30A cont. / 60A peak at 80VDC for a power density of 800 W. pk. / sq. in.!  Also, more 175V models are released while maintaining the same mounting dimensions.  The Z-Drives family is providing engineers with way more application solutions than ever before by creating integrated designs that achieve the highest performance in the least amount of space.AMC's Z-Drives with Mounting Card
In addition, there are now have 3 different mounting cards to choose from for the digital Z-Drives; DZR…’s and DZC…’s (RS-485/232) and DZC…’s (CANopen). Typically OEM’s integrate the Z-Drives into their PCB’s, thus eliminating complications and added costs of external wiring.  However, when prototyping or distributing axis motion out to the point where the motor resides, these low-cost complimentary mounting cards are an excellent solution and greatly increases layout flexibility. Models are available for either 80VDC or 175VDC designs with soldered or removable power terminal plug versions.
For more information on the Z-Drive Servo Amplifiers, click on the link below:
AMC’s Z-Drive Servo Amplifiers
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