Inertia Dynamics

Inertia Dynamics is a power transmission industry specialist with a focus on electromagnetic brakes and clutches. Electromate is proud to be an Inertia Dynamics distributor, bringing you high-quality products like Inertia Dynamics EM clutches & brakes with proven success in various markets including material handling, food processing, and packaging machinery. 

All Inertia Dynamics standard brakes, spring applied brakes and clutches are recognized by Underwriters Laboratories to both U.S. and Canadian safety requirements. View our selection below!

Inertia Dynamics Products for Motion Control Include:

Inertia Dynamics Product Lines We Provide:

Electromagnetic Clutches & Brakes

Spring Applied Brakes

Wrap Spring Clutches & Brakes

Moment of Inertia Measurement Instruments

Clutch/Brake Controls

Motor Brakes

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Inertia Dynamics Products:

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