Universal Robots Surface Finishing Kit

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Robotiq’s surface finishing kit is your solution for a versatile, precise, and safe way to polish, buff, grind, and sand your products quickly and safely. The all-in-one kit from Robotiq is the only cobot on the market that includes your hardware and software in one package. Simply put this is the best multi-use, multi-tool surface finishing cobot you’ll ever have, allowing you to adapt your current production line with a cobot in mere hours.

Consistent results

Our surface finishing cobots are equipped with force control, which allows them to automatically adjust their position and speed in order to apply the desired amount of pressure - ensuring that your task is carried out safely and effectively. With just six waypoints, our software can generate a complete path, applying consistent force at each cycle. 

Quick to set up

With the help of Finishing Copilot software, you can teach finishing trajectories with fewer than 10 waypoints. With this software, you can adapt your automation manufacturing processes faster and easier than ever before with new products. The easy-to-use quick-start guide allows companies can save hours of programming time and get up and running with robot automation quickly and easily.


  • Flexible, cost-effective, and safe
  • Consistent Predictable results
  • Apply specific torque around predefined axes.
  • Program in a few minutes
  • Generate complex pathing easily through award-winning Finishing Copilot
  • Add custom weaving patterns
  • Part position validation
  • Operate at constant speeds and force
  • Compensation against tool wear
  • Automated finishing solution with a human touch
  • Tool compatibility across multiple brands
  • Adjustable force mode for uneven surfaces
  • Manually guide your robot

The Robotiq Surface Finishing Kit Includes:

  • Finishing Copilot
  • Bracket
  • Air control Accessories

Sanding Kit Supported Materials:

To automate finishing processes on a wide variety of surfaces

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