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As a Harmonic Drive distributor, Electromate proudly supplies Harmonic Drive systems & actuators. Harmonic Drive LLC designs and manufactures precision servo actuators, gearheads and gear component sets. We work with industry-leading customers and companies of all sizes to provide both standard product and custom-engineered solutions. Harmonic Drive LLC provides high precision, high performance products to meet customer’s mission critical application requirements.

Electromate is a Harmonic Drive distributor offering a wide selection of Harmonic Drive systems, actuators, & motors. We supply products throughout Canada in regions like British Columbia, Quebec, and Ontario. View our selection below!

Harmonic Drive Product Lines we Provide:

Rotary Actuators

The easiest solution for high precision motion control applications. Performance matched precision gearing, motors, and encoders designed to provide a power dense, cost-effective solution.

Gear Units

Typically housed zero backlash strain wave gears with a precision output bearing & flange. Offered in a variety of compact designs, including hollow shaft configurations. A robust and easy-to-use gearhead/gearbox solution.

Component Sets

Zero backlash gear component sets offer the ultimate in design flexibility and can be tightly integrated into your machine design. These are well suited for applications where high torque density is of paramount importance.

Direct Drive & Hollow Shaft Motors

High performance hollow shaft brushless servo motors are available with several motor winding and encoder options. They feature a large through-hole that can be used to pass cables, pipes or shafts concentric to the axis of rotation.

Servo Mount Gearheads

Zero backlash and low backlash Planetary Quick Connect gearboxes easily mount to any servomotor to create a high precision actuator. Available in a wide range of gear ratios and output configurations.

Phase Adjusters

Specially designed for phase adjusting and differential gear applications, these component sets and gear units are ideal for adjusting registration or phasing of shafts. High reduction ratios allow precise adjustments with minimal torque.

Harmonic Drive Servo Actuators, Gearheads, & Component Set Benefits:

  • True Zero Backlash 
  • Excellent positional accuracy and repeatability 
  • High Torque-to-Weight and Torque-to-Volume ratios 
  • Compact size 
  • High Reliability 
  • Single stage high reduction ratio

Harmonic Drive Product Applications:

  • Robotics: Industrial, Semiconductor & Flat Panel, Humanoid, Mobile Robots 
  • Medical: Surgical Robots, Medical Imaging, Therapeutic, Prosthetics, Exoskeletons, Lab Automation 
  • Defense: Unmanned Vehicles, Remote Weapon Stations, Antenna Pointing 
  • Aerospace: Solar Array Drives, Antenna Pointing, Valve Actuators, Lunar and Interplanetary Rovers 
  • Machine Tool: Milling Head, Tool Changer, Rotary Table, Grinding, B & C Axis 
  • Energy: oil exploration, drilling and positioning, wind and solar power

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