Cobot Cost Analysis

Collaborative robots (also called cobots) are becoming more commonplace in businesses. This is because companies are realizing the benefits to both their workforce and their bottom line. 

Cobots are allowing employees to learn new skills, work in a safer environment, and grow within their role. Cobots also help business owners to lower operating costs, save on scrap/material waste, and increase consistency. 

If you are you trying to calculate your return on investment for a six-axis robot or cobot application, please let Electromate help. 

We can quickly structure a cobot cost analysis to share with your team that will identify:

  1. Months until you break even
  2. Return on initial investment
  3. Cost of Cobot per hour
  4. Total savings over five years

Below you'll find an Excel worksheet to help generate your cost analysis numbers. If you are unsure of the Universal Robots model or Robotiq gripper you need, there is a quick breakdown on pages 2 of the worksheet.

Please note, Electromate provides a number of Cobot Application Kits. These can be used out of the box, or customized to your needs.

Once you've downloaded the sheet and filled out as much as able, please contact our Robot Specialists, and we will help fill in the costs. 

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